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Class Schedules & Syllabi

Accelerated Programs Division

Choose the appropriate session below to find the syllabus for your accelerated course. Most accelerated courses have an assignment due on or before the first class. Syllabus are due to be posted two weeks prior to each session. If you do not see your syllabus by that date, please let us know.

Fall 2015

To view the schedule by session, please click on the links below.

Term 1, Sessions 1 and 4, 2015 (Session 1 = August 31st to October 3rd, 2015; Session 4 = August 31st to November 7th, 2015)
Term 1, Sessions 2 and 5, 2015 (Session 2 = October 5th to November 7th, 2015; Session 5 = October 5th to December 19th, 2015)
Term 1, Session 3, 2015 (November 8th to December 19th, 2015)

Or see the schedule for all three sessions here: Adobe PDF

SAL Online Courses, Fall 2015: click here

Winter 2016

Registration for winter semester will began on October 26th 2015. For those students who may not have completed their MyStudentBody course, you may find a hold on your account. If you have completed it, then this hold will not be in place. To find out more information about how to take this course, see the web page for information. If you are new to the SAL program, there may be a hold referred to as an "Advised admit". What that means is we wish to assist you personally during your first year in order to support your success in our program. Just send us your request via your email account, or stop in, and we will adjust your schedule accordingly.

The schedule for all three sessions here: Adobe PDF

SAL Online Courses, Winter 2016: click here

Extended Programs Division

The Registrar's Office publishes all course schedules for the 15-week Extended Programs Division classes for current and future semesters. See this link: Non-SAL site

The course syllabus will be distributed by the instructor on the first night of classes in Extended Programs courses.

All schedules are subject to change or correction.